Agros Village in the hills of Cyprus

Agros Village, Cyprus

Agros Village

Agross Village Cyprus


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At Almost 1100 metres above sea level, Agros is magnificently situated in the Valley of the Roses at the very heart of Pitsilia area.

Historical Agros Village in Troodos Mountains of Cyprus The History of Agros can be traced back to the 11 Century. At that time, there was a monastery where the church of the Virgin Mary is today. The name Agros was brought by 40 monks from Asia Minor at the time of the iconoclasts. It was the name of a monastery they had left behind, 'Megas Agros'.
In the 19th Century, the monastery was destroyed. Fortunately, the icons and other valuables were transferred to a storehouse and so escaped destruction.


Icon of the Virgin MaryToday precious icon of the Virgin Mary painted by St. Luke is one of the ten most important icons in Cyprus. It now stands in a glass frame near the entrance of the church.
Construction of the present church, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, started in 1894 and was completed in 1909.



A traditonal Cyprus Cafe in Agros VillageSit in once of the coffee shops and enjoy the tranquility of the mountain village and the special ambience: the donkeys are still used as a means of transportation, goats are herded in the surrounding hills.

The Village is well-known on the island for its aromatic on the island for its aromatic rosewater extracted from the petals of countless roses that grow in the region.


Shoushouko being made in Agross Village, Cyprus

Meat Meze's, some of Cyprus's favourites in Agross Village Cyprus

Shoushouko is a chewy sweet made from dipping strung almonds into 'palouze' (a mixture made from grape juice and thickened with flour) several times until the strip has a springy, thick covering. These are  strange looking and can be seen hanging up to dry. Other Local products to be found in the village of Agros are 'hiromeri' (smoked ham), 'loukanika' (spicy smoked sausages), 'lountza' (smoked fillet of pork).
Small pieces of these tasty products are offered by the producer together with a sip of 'zivania' a pure grape spirit. If you would like to know how the typical Cypriot sweets, made out of fruits and preserved in syrup you can see this in the village.

Visit Kaoras Spring and taste the pure water coming directly from the mountains. It is a wonderful refreshment, especially on hot summer days.

Scenic walks in the beautiful hill of Agros VillageWith its nature trails, the area is a paradise for hikers and mountain bikers. Agros Village is also suitable for nature lovers, bird watchers, biologists, geologists, archaeologists and photographers.





Agros Village in the hills of Cyprus

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